The Boring AppSec Podcast S1E07 - Hiring in Security

The seventh episode of The Boring AppSec Podcast is live now.

Hiring is something I love to talk about and something I've done quite a bit throughout my career - always as an IC and never as a hiring manager so I like to think that I have different experiences under my belt that is not the norm.

I have also jumped ships quite often which implies I've been through the hiring process a bunch of times as well. Also, I say this not as something I take pride in but more as a matter of fact. Lyft, where I am at currently is my 9th gig in the 13 years or so of me working professionally. Every move of mine has been strategic and reasonable. I've never been questioned once as to why I don't stick around for a long time. Maybe, I just haven't found the right place for me, yet? Who knows!

Anyways, tune in to the latest episode to learn all about this plus a lot more around hiring processes, tips and tricks for both the candidates as well as the hiring managers.

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